Our Company delivers services that involve assessment and repair of ship hull structures including issuance of all relevant documentation.

We aim our business activities at supplying technical documentation of proper quality and within set time to our customers including optimal technological solutions of repair.

We have implemented principles of mutually beneficial cooperation between all interested parties such as customers, our staff, and representatives of supervising and controlling organizations.

We employ highly skilled personnel in every aspect of our business. The personal responsibility of each employee for its part of work is a criterion of quality of that work.

All personnel of the Company share principles of the quality management system, involved into process of its creation, have clear awareness of objectives of work they are doing, see and operate the resulted product. The quality management system operates taking into account estimations made by each employee.

Continual improvement of the Company’s overall performance is the key principal of our business activities

Complying to external requirements, implementation and further development of the quality management system based on international standard ISO 9001 will help us to deliver services of higher quality and assure our customers in that they made the right decision of choosing our Company as a reliable service provider.

Andrei Mironov
General Director